ICUs are Alarming!

CalmWave improves nurse retention, starting with alarms.

Turn up the signal. Shut down the noise.

Our goal is to eliminate all non-actionable alarms. Vital Signs equipment is great at finding signals (and, in turn, creating alarms) but horrible at eliminating noise. They’re a one-size-fits-all solution, not tailored to a patient’s specific needs. CalmWave determines optimized alarm thresholds, using each patient’s unique information and advanced AI techniques, with the ultimate goal of reducing unnecessary, non-actionable) alarms.

Nurses spend 35% of each shift adjusting alarms.

Alarm fatigue is when clinicians, especially nurses, become desensitized to the overabundance of alarms they are hearing and become desensitized to the point that they may miss alarms and/or have a delayed response. Alarm fatigue is endemic in the modern healthcare system, causing more stress for providers, their patients, and their families, which ultimately impacts patient outcomes and staff retention.


Average alerts per bed, per day *


Are false positives or insignificant *


Of nurses report too many alarms **

Sources: *NIH  **AAMC

We focus on improving the lives of patients AND providers.

Alarm fatigue and nurse burnout are more closely related than many realize. At CalmWave, our mission is to eliminate all non-actionable alarms, which brings us one step closer to a more stable, and quieter ICU. We generate AI-driven insights from this alarm data to increase the transparency of the burden on patients and providers.

Data-driven decision making.

Operations Health™ is the ability to define, capture, and analyze operations metrics to gain visibility of workload events so clinicians can take appropriate action. Applied to Healthcare, the CalmWave Operations Health artificial intelligence platform captures, analyzes, and synthesizes real-time data from dozens of data sources (monitors, labs, orders, findings, etc.) to empower hospitals with the intelligence critical to improving patient outcomes, optimizing operations, and retaining staff.

How We’re Changing The Game

World’s First AI-Platform for Operations Health™

CalmWave is enterprise-grade operations management for hospitals.


Measure operational efficiency and clinician workload.

Monitor your institution’s performance with objective, intelligent, real-time scoring broken out by department, shift, and/or clinician. Operations Health Scoring is an objective measure of operational efficiency and workload.


Automatically adjust alarms for each unique patient.

Reduce alarm fatigue with smart settings and customized threshold levels that automatically fit to patient normals. Use threshold manager to track and periodically update hospital protocols.


Focus on incidents, not individual alarms.

Consistently assign and track patient acuity using automated data input. Deploy an improved early warning scoring system based on refined patient populations, powered by machine learning. View intelligent grouping of alarms into incidents.


Improve your Operations Health™ with Calmwave’s Expert Services.

Shepherd institutions from basic understanding to full operational maturity with expert services including assessment, training, consultation, and implementation (included with all CalmWave solutions).

CalmWave Insights

Learn ways to improve your hospital operations and employee retention.