Operations Health™ for Healthcare.

CalmWave™ uses advanced analytics to determine optimal alarm parameters and measure Operations Health.

Operations Health is the ability to define, capture, and analyze operations metrics to gain visibility of workload events so clinicians can take appropriate action.

By using advanced machine learning techniques, it’s possible to provide more accurate alarm parameters, as well as early warning alerts by patient category, or even individual patient. This information can also be used along with other key data inputs to provide an overall measure of clinician workload. In concert, these tools can be used to reduce (unnecessary) alarms, orchestrate staffing, track employee health, and improve patient outcomes.

CalmWave condenses all your hospital data into simple, actionable insights using AI.


Determines optimized settings for each unit.

CalmWave ingests and analyzes a department’s historical data to determine optimized unit level thresholds. Clusters and cohorts are also identified based on various inputs collected (interventions, medications, labs, findings, patient history, etc).


Generates customized models for each patient.

CalmWave Optimized™ models use real-time and historical data to provide a best fit model for each patient that can be used to set alarm thresholds, early warning alerts systems, and estimate overall noise reduction.


Provides an objective measure of performance.

CalmWave’s Operations Health Scoring analyzes workload by care provider, unit, or hospital in increments of shift, day, week, month, or year. CalmWave also gives an objective measure of Operations Health based on vital signs (& EMR) activity. This objective measure of clinical workload also provides a clear method to monitor employee health, leading to enhanced orchestration and retention of critical resources.

Streamlining healthcare operations that impact your entire team.

CalmWave acts as the central nervous system for your hospital.

Receiving and interpreting real-time vital sign signals and EMR data, CalmWave helps reduce non-actionable alarms, drives greater fidelity in patient acuity and early warning scoring, and generates an objective measure of staff’s operational health to prevent burnout.

To achieve this, CalmWave deploys technology along with an expert services team that focus on the following:

  • Collecting over 6 months of historical performance to set initial baselines and future benchmarks.
  • Real-time analytics and reporting that track and monitor performance and outcomes.
  • Expert services who act as trusted advisors to aid the clinical team on driving towards optimized economic and clinical outcomes.