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HealthBiz Podcast: Interview with CalmWave CEO Ophir Ronen

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Even in a perfect world, a hospital ICU is a tough enough environment. And today’s reality is usually pretty bad, with alarms going off constantly –most of them false alarms. Ophir Ronen is a longtime entrepreneur –getting his start as co-founder of one of the first commercial Internet backbones.

His current company, CalmWave is using AI to combat alarm fatigue in the ICU. And when he’s not busy looking for the next big entrepreneurial thing, he’s a Search & Rescue volunteer.

The episode covers the challenges of alarm fatigue, Ronen’s experience working on the internet and ventures, the founding of CalmWave, understanding alarm fatigue in healthcare, addressing alarm fatigue with AI, and the impact of addressing alarm fatigue.



Alarm fatigue has been a problem in ICUs for decades and needs to be addressed.

The episode highlights the urgent need to combat alarm fatigue in hospital ICUs, which has been a persistent issue for many years.

CalmWave aims to address alarm fatigue by intelligently grouping alarms and providing context.

CalmWave, founded by Ophir Ronen, aims to tackle alarm fatigue by using AI algorithms to intelligently group alarms into incidents and provide context for better efficiency.

AI can help reduce alarm noise and improve operations in healthcare.

The episode explores how AI can be used to reduce alarm noise, improve operations, and prevent nurse burnout in healthcare settings.

Addressing alarm fatigue can lead to improved patient care and clinician workload measurement.

By addressing alarm fatigue, healthcare organizations can improve patient care and measure clinician workload more effectively.



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